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POSH Act Compliance Services Dr Upasana



We expertly take care of all your POSH related needs and help make your work environment healthier.

POSH Policy Draftng

POSH Policy Drafting


We fully assist in the preparation of your companies POSH Policy. The policy is formulated to create a more secure environment at the workplace, that is free from any prejudice or inappropriate conduct based on someone's gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion, caste, or age.

Setting up the Internal Complaint Committee


We guide and oversee the lawful and proper creation of the ICC. We also provide competent third-party members for the same.

Conduct Inquiries & Conciliations


As a neutral external member, we perform the duty of conducting an impartial inquiry into the accusations of harassment.

Preparation of Trainers


ICC members must be acquainted with the knowledge of the workings of the Committee, an understanding of the law, and how inquiries are to be conducted. Our training helps the members meet this requirement, and helps them perform their duties more efficiently 



We conduct workshops that educate your employees about their rights and responsibilities given by the POSH Act. This understanding helps create a healthier environment at the firm.

Third-Party Counseling


We provide counseling as a neutral member whenever required.

Setting up Internal Committee
Conducting Inquiries
Preparaton of Trainers
Third-Party Counseling
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